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The first fifteen people to comment on this journal, I will put their avatar and the three deviations I like the most from their gallery on the list! 
If you comment, you have to make a journal like this and do the same thing, putting me in the first spot.

1. :iconpanahinuva: (I'm doing four because two of these were for me. XD)  My Summer with Boobies Ch. 1    Ichigo was desperate.  The Unagiya shop was closed for the summer and Ikumi hadn’t been able to offer him any other positions.  Even with the letter of recommendation from her, no other place in town would hire him.  Some of them knew him by reputation and some just didn’t like the look of him.  He was out of options, except one.  He groaned as he walked across the road to Boobies, the restaurant run by Kisuke Urahara.  It was well known throughout town for employing hordes of attractive women in skimpy outfits and unfortunately, all of them were people Ichigo knew and some who would love to spend the entire summer taunting him for denigrating himself to this extent.  Still, money was money and he knew that Urahara would pay him very well for the opportunity to mess with him.
    He took a deep breath and walked inside the brightly painted restaurant and was greeted by his roommate, Rukia, dressed in a swa
  Sorawolf, Werewolf Adventurer by panahinuva Wrong Valve: A Digigirl StoryWrong Valve
A Digigirl Story
By Panahinuva
The name of the club was Dera-Skins and, despite the vaguely terrible name, it was probably the best club in Vocamon’s territory.  It was quite large, with rooms for dancing, both by patrons and by employees, for drinking, for eating and for more intimate activities.  Vocamon enjoyed visiting it often.  Currently, she and RockGreymon were sitting at a table, having dinner while watching the club’s resident Angewomon and LadyDevimon strip team performing their routine.  Vocamon loved it.  There was did DJKabuterimon describe it...Lust/hate between the two that the show practically crackled with tension.  Despite having seen them five or six times, she still wasn’t sure whether, after they finished the routine, the two went behind the curtain to fuck, beat each other senseless or both.  When they finished, exiting the stage, glaring at each other furiously, Vocamon applauded as lo
  Ana P: Criminal Ringleader by panahinuva
2. :icontherealyuma: Req: Cavewoman needs - Colored by TheRealYuma Req Lozen Kitsune Colored by TheRealYuma Kurokaze by TheRealYuma
3. :iconfifilover: I'm ready to duel! Whose up for a match? by FifiLover Rainbow Blitz by FifiLover Basket Kitty by FifiLover
4. :iconthe-rebel-angel: Blinkos OriginWARNER BROS. LOT- DAY.
We open to see Thaddeus J. Plotz pacing back and forth, thinking of new and exciting movies, shows and the like. Suddenly, he hears a knock on the door.
PLOTZ- Now, who could that possibly be, and at this hour?
He heads over to the door and opens it to see it was nothing. He looks to the left, then to the right, and shrugs. Finally, he retreats to his office and bumps into...
Plotz screams and rockets into the air. When he looks down, he sees none other than the Warner Siblings. Yakko is busy on the phone, Wakko is bouncing off of the walls (literally,) and Dot is reading a magazine, which is actually the script to Batman 5, Return of the Joker.
DOT- Ewwww!  And I though Batman and Robin was a bad film!
Dot throws the script in an industrial size shredder, and decimates it.
PLOTZ- NOOOO!  My script!
YAKKO- So, anyway, I want five pepperoni, five cheese, five double cheese, five mushroom and, oh hold on.
Yakko looks up at Plotz,
Blinko Warner by The-Rebel-Angel ExcaliKnightmon by SoraWolf7 by The-Rebel-Angel
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